The history of the world is shaped by the evolution of esoteric doctrines and societies. Here is the summary of the last 70,000 years.

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Diversity & Cultures

Know this date and apply the rituals to attract health, happiness, prosperity to your life.

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There are some special dates celebrated by various cultures all around the world. These dates hold an ancient secret to mobilize the great universal principles and attract health, happiness, serenity, and prosperity.


We are witnessing the beginning of a new age in human history. Let`s learn about this new age from a prestigious mind.

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  1. We are probably the last members of Homo Sapiens.


There are things that you do not learn in school until things start to collapse.

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The revolt of the American people against Britain lasted until 1776. British Bankers financed the rebels during this rebellion. In return, they demanded the “Right to Print American Money”. Eventually, they were…


We all need a list of a target to better ourselves. Why shouldn’t it be a list of what makes a personality the best?

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Unfortunately, even the good behaviors could be misunderstood and put you in trouble.

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1. Saying too much that you are sorry


People come up with different reasons when they suffer through change. They try to make meaning and rationalize it so that they can mentally survive the winds of change.

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Some say it is the 12th planet of the Sumerians approaching.

Some eastern mystics and esotericists say that the Kali Yuga period is about to change.

Western mystics say that the Messiah is already on Earth and is already working for the prophecized 1000-years-long golden age.

Theosophists and New Agers support…


The world will never be the same after the pandemic. So you better adapt to the irresistible winds of change.

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