The birth pains of a new age have already begun. It is up to decide how we go through it.

As humanity and our civilization, we are in a period of great change, which has been pointed out since ancient times by masters in spirituality, astrology, esotericism, sociology, and technology. The birth pains of that era, which I call the Age of Self-Knowing Humans, have already begun. Harrari calls it the Age of Homo-Deus by Harari, the Theosophists name ii as the New Age, and the futurists call it the Age of the Sages. Astrologically, it is called the Age of Aquarius. In this new era, humankind will pass into a new reality of humanity.

If you don’t believe it…


The history of the world is shaped by the evolution of esoteric doctrines and societies. Here is the summary of the last 70,000 years.

The History of Anagogic and Esoteric Doctrines is a study that describes the process of the development of Esotericism starting from civilizations before the flood and noting how today’s civilization was influenced by Esotericism.

Esotericism is a worldview based on God-Universe-Human identity, which states that everything originates from God and that everything that exists in the universe is part of God. This view, based on the first Monotheistic faith, the Mu religion, manifested itself throughout the entire process of civilization, including celestial religions, and led to the formation of today’s civilization. …

I am happy to see the story has been useful. Our world is miracle and full of magnificient cultures and traditions all across the globe in all continents. I am keen to learn more about about other cultutes too.

Diversity & Cultures

Know this date and apply the rituals to attract health, happiness, prosperity to your life.

There are some special dates celebrated by various cultures all around the world. These dates hold an ancient secret to mobilize the great universal principles and attract health, happiness, serenity, and prosperity.

Hidrellez is one of the seasonal holidays known throughout the Turkish world and is celebrated because it is the day when the Prophet Hizir and İlyas met on earth. It starts on the evenıng of May 5th and is celebrated until the evening of May 6th every year. The words Hizir and İlyas have combined to form Hidrellez in the dialect of the local people.

The annual calendar…

Wonderful story, Sinem. You have been blessed by life by someone knowledgeable on your path, to help and accompany you on your path to realixe your dreams. Not everyone is that lucky. Good luck and share your pearls unconditionally with others as life will give you more the more you share.


We are witnessing the beginning of a new age in human history. Let`s learn about this new age from a prestigious mind.

Historian & author Yuval Noah Harari emphasized vital highlights in his speech at the Davos Summit this year, drawing attention to the unique dangers that biology and data may pose in the near future when combined with today’s computing capacity.

Below are the bullet points.

  1. We are probably the last members of Homo Sapiens.

2. We will find ways to rebuild our bodies and minds in the coming period.

3. Therefore, data will turn into a new product in the economy of the 21st century.

4. We will develop not only cars and weapons but also new bodies and minds.


There are things that you do not learn in school until things start to collapse.

We, humans, like status-quo and enjoy staying in our comfort zones. It is the crisis moments that make us challenge ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, such times of stress and emotional trauma serve as a servant to awaken us from a dream. The pandemic and the economic crisis in 2020 is one of those biggest shocks in history, unveiling the end of a century-long monetary system.

The revolt of the American people against Britain lasted until 1776. British Bankers financed the rebels during this rebellion. In return, they demanded the “Right to Print American Money”. Eventually, they were…


We all need a list of a target to better ourselves. Why shouldn’t it be a list of what makes a personality the best?

My journey of awakening to my true self started early at the age of 9 when I started asking the biggest questions of life. However, this quest did not turn into an inner journey of self-transformation until life shook me with some tough lessons. I learned then that knowledge without any effort to know myself and spirituality without inner reflection and inner transformation were not helpful.

Then I thought about the habits and virtues a successful person should possess. Which personality traits would s/he exhibit? How would s/he act in many situations I fail to react successfully? …


Unfortunately, even the good behaviors could be misunderstood and put you in trouble.

Have you ever been in a situation that people got you totally wrong despite your good intentions? Are there times when people around you are not treating you nicely and fairly despite your good behaviors and actions? Then you are not alone. I am sure you have been through those just like millions of other people around the world.

If you want to be perceived or recognized as a loser despite your good-intentioned behaviors, below are seven behaviors you must avoid or be careful of.

1. Saying too much that you are sorry

It is normal and the right thing to say that you are sorry for making…


People come up with different reasons when they suffer through change. They try to make meaning and rationalize it so that they can mentally survive the winds of change.

The world we live in has been changing massively over the last 50 years. But nothing similar to 2020 had ever happened before on a global scale. There is something big coming up. Let`s review some of the prophecies, conspiracy theories, and claims about the upcoming winds of change.

Some say it is the 12th planet of the Sumerians approaching.

Some eastern mystics and esotericists say that the Kali Yuga period is about to change.

Western mystics say that the Messiah is already on Earth and is already working for the prophecized 1000-years-long golden age.

Theosophists and New Agers support…

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