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According to modern psychology, it is very important to understand the ego development process, especially within the first 7 ages of ourlives, and how this period affects a child`s life — both to understand our children and to understand ourselves. …


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History is full of advice from wise cultures. Here are the 13 Life-Changing Advice From Shamanic Masters.

1. Bring home a feather you find while walking on the street, you can put it in a vase, hang it or keep it on the shelf. This is a powerful talisman that…


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As humanity and our civilization, we are in a period of great change, which has been pointed out since ancient times by masters in spirituality, astrology, esotericism, sociology, and technology. The birth pains of that era, which I call the Age of Self-Knowing Humans, have already begun. Harrari calls it…


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The History of Anagogic and Esoteric Doctrines is a study that describes the process of the development of Esotericism starting from civilizations before the flood and noting how today’s civilization was influenced by Esotericism.

Esotericism is a worldview based on God-Universe-Human identity, which states that everything originates from God and…

I am happy to see the story has been useful. Our world is miracle and full of magnificient cultures and traditions all across the globe in all continents. I am keen to learn more about about other cultutes too.

Diversity & Cultures

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There are some special dates celebrated by various cultures all around the world. These dates hold an ancient secret to mobilize the great universal principles and attract health, happiness, serenity, and prosperity.

Hidrellez is one of the seasonal holidays known throughout the Turkish world and is celebrated because it is…


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Historian & author Yuval Noah Harari emphasized vital highlights in his speech at the Davos Summit this year, drawing attention to the unique dangers that biology and data may pose in the near future when combined with today’s computing capacity.

Below are the bullet points.

  1. We are probably the last…


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We, humans, like status-quo and enjoy staying in our comfort zones. It is the crisis moments that make us challenge ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, such times of stress and emotional trauma serve as a servant to awaken us from a dream. …

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